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Bright Fame helps people from prostitution. Literally and figuratively. We help both men and women working in prostitution to get out and offer them assistance in building a new and different life.

We do this by having a conversation on the street. We build relationships. In addition, we have a team of social workers, we offer shelter and we look for a suitable place in society and in the workplace. Sometimes we also help someone to return to their country of origin. Finally, we work on prevention. We do this by teaching young people to make healthy choices in the field of sexuality. Through all this we create awareness about the issues surrounding human trafficking and (forced) prostitution. But we cannot do this alone.

We depend on donations and donors; there is no government subsidy. Fortunately we have a committed network of involved entrepreneurs and partners who support us structurally with an annual contribution, and they also think along constructively with us.

Do you also want to become such an involved entrepreneur? Below we have listed the benefits for you:
– Entrepreneur network meetings where you meet other involved entrepreneurs
– The opportunity to think along with the organization
– A nice interpretation of corporate social responsibility
– You make great projects possible together with other entrepreneurs
– A mention on the entrepreneur’s page of our new website
– The possibility for an article in our newsletter.

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