30 January 2024

Bright Fame 19th anniversary

Frits Rouvoet

Bright Fame is celebrating its 19th anniversary!

In the first few weeks, I asked several women what their dreams or hopes for 2024 were. Many times I got the answer: health for the family, peace and prosperity for the people of the world. These are also usually the topics they pray for. Of course, we then also ask about their personal prayer points. Last week, one of the ladies indicated that she would like to quit prostitution this year. Her two colleagues immediately agreed that the same was true for them. We then had a nice conversation in which we promised to pray for this, of course, but that there had to be some action on their part as well. You can’t just stand behind the window and try to lure a customer in. Immediately came the objections as to why it would not be possible to get out. We regularly see a woman returning behind the window after some time, with reasons such as family and children living in different places around the world. We made it clear that in order to stay out, you have to prepare for getting out. And that starts with or without our input by taking an overview of your situation and making step-by-step choices to then be able to move forward. We finally agreed that one day they would come to us for a talk. Then we prayed for God’s insight and destiny for their lives.

This month marks our 19th anniversary, which is not necessarily an anniversary year, but of course it is good to look back at all those years. And what beautiful moments there were to look back on. But there were also many difficult and sad moments, and how many disappointed women I saw returning behind the window. Some money had been saved and they were so terribly tired of being in prostitution day in and day out. Merry and happy they left Amsterdam and frustrated they stood there again. The ladies around them also saw that it was difficult, if not impossible to stop.
So for us as Bright Fame, 2024 is a year to see what and how we can change in order to assist the women in their personal process of preparing for a job with a normal but sufficient income, here in the Netherlands or in their home country, and to at least not see them back here in prostitution.

What can you do?

Receive the prayer letter regularly to pray very concretely for a woman and her situation. Of course, her privacy is guaranteed.
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Perhaps you can also do something practical for one of the women.

We would love to have a few people who would like to support us monthly so that we can help the women where needed this year. We are happy with any donation, regardless of the amount, but it is so nice and necessary that we also know what we can really count on monthly. If you would like to support us monthly, you can choose a book as a welcome gift. Click here to donate.

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