27 March 2020


Newsletter from Frits Rouvoet 27 MAART 2020

Bright Fame is still working from the office with a smaller occupation, following the prescribed regulations. It is so special that during these times we can be there for the women. This morning, a young, incredibly stressed, Eastern European woman came to us. She had just spoken to her landlady on the phone, who wanted to evict her immediately if she was not able to pay her next month’s rent. This is €2000,- for a small studio. Her bank account only had €0.76.

Together , we looked at her expenses, that were not extravagant. Tomorrow, she will come by with her rent contract so that we can take a look at it. With a Salvation Army package, a €25,- voucher for groceries and a Bible in her own language she left the office smiling.

In the afternoon, another woman showed up, all of a sudden. Because we had no other engagements, we were able to listen to her immediately and help her with the income suppleme

De Stoofsteeg bevore closing the redlight

She wanted to quit somewhere this year and set aside some money to pay for an education. These past few weeks, however, she had not earned anything and even needed to make up the deficit herself. The rent of her working area still continued, whether she was working or not. So she had to go. The tears were rolling from her face, because she did not know what to do. She was incredibly grateful for the fact the our government wants to contribute with the income supplement. She, too, left the office with a Bible, a groceries voucher and a package.
Just two people with their situation and emotion today

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