Walk-in room

Bright Fame has a walk-in living room where (former) prostitutes can always go for a cup of coffee, meal or activity. A hostess is present every day for a conversation, a listening ear or prayer. A computer can also be used. We organize various activities during our walk-in. We give Dutch and English language lessons. In addition, a number of women come by every week for a food package. On two evenings we organize a coming together, then we have a meal with a group and then we read from the Bible and sing songs. We celebrate special days together such as Sinterklaas, Christmas and King’s Day and birthdays.

The women and men know how to find our walk-in well. On average, around 20 people come to the walk-in each week.

how we help even more

Social Work

Social and legal staff are present at our office. They are committed to helping the women with their help.

Other activities

As Bright Fame we are, in addition to the street work and the assistance, working on: awareness; media, collaboration, prevention work.


Bright Fame is a foundation that works outreaching among prostitutes, especially in the Red Light District in Amsterdam. Our street workers walk the streets every day, both during the day and in the evening.

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